Healthcare conferences and presentations




The Ultimate Guide to Organizing your Hospital Marketing Efforts
Presented by: Dave Vener
Oregon Medical Association
Presentation & workshop
October 4, 2016
Portland, Oregon

Healthcare Marketing Trends
Presented by: Dave Vener
MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Planning Session
August 18, 2016
Washington D.C.

Healthcare Marketing Trends
Presented by: Dave Vener
DTC Hospital Marketing National
June 7-8, 2016
The Crowne Plaza
Atlanta, GA

Rekindling the faith: How to realign your organization with the community
Presented by: Todd Blackinton & Mark Shipley
DTC Hospital Marketing National
June 23-24, 2016
Andaz Hotel
San Diego, CA

2016 Healthcare Marketing Trends
Presented by Dave Vener
Market Insights Consumer Collaborative
December 9-10, 2015
Santa Monica, CA

KEYNOTE: 2016 Healthcare Marketing Trends
Presented by Dave Vener
Ragan’s Healthcare Communicators Conference
October 1, 2015
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Baltimore, MD

Creating Innovative, Engaging and Sharable Content
Presented by William Van SlykeMark Shipley , & Dave Vener
World Congress Hospital Marketing Conference
September 1, 2015
Boston, MA

How To Uncover Your Brand Pillars In 60 Minutes
Presented by Dave Vener & Mark Shipley
Health IT Marketing & PR Conference
May 7, 2015
Las Vegas, NV

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More presentation topics

The ultimate guide to organizing your hospital marketing efforts
A workshop to help hospital marketers create a plan to gain control over their brand messaging, manage long and short-term goals and keep track of KPIs.

Rekindling the faith: How to realign your organization with the community
Learn how a state-of-the-art healthcare organization humbled itself to regain the trust of the community.

When perception doesn’t equal reality: How to reposition your hospital as the preferred choice
Discover how a small hospital system changed the conversation by repositioning itself as a leader in healthcare reform.

How to emerge from the shadows of larger academic medical centers
Learn how to stand out from competitors who have superior clinical reputations.

4 Steps to a successful hospital brand
Four steps to identify an organization’s unique point of difference, as well as how to communicate it to internal and external audiences and sustain the brand’s integrity over its serviceable lifespan.

Content Marketing for Information-Hungry Patients
How hospitals and physician practices can use inbound marketing techniques to engage patients and provide a depth of content that traditional marketing doesn’t allow.

Using Organizational Alignment to Improve the Patient Experience
How hospitals and physician practices can use marketing to help define and communicate the organization’s mission so every member of the healthcare team understands their role in keeping the brand promise.

Engaging Four Different Generations of Healthcare Consumers
How each generation of healthcare consumers makes their purchase decisions, and the strategies and tactics that hospital and physician practice marketers can use to engage each segment of the healthcare audience.

Digital Strategy: The New Media Paradigm
How to embrace digital media for a more fully integrated strategy, more sophisticated implementation and greater success than ever before.

The Anatomy of a Successful Healthcare Marketing Website
From Googling symptoms for self-diagnosis to asking friends for physician referrals on social media, healthcare and the web have never been more integrated. Learn how to build a web strategy to attract e-patients and manage your online reputation.

How to Be Competitive in Retail Healthcare
How to be proactive in your approach to increased competition, including local pharmacies and retailers now offering primary and urgent care services. Learn the pros and cons of nontraditional providers and how to strengthen your care network to remain competitive.