Healthcare marketers now have access to new tools, processes, and methods for connecting with patients due to advancements in technology.

Leveraging technology to make healthcare human

Healthcare consumers seek experiences that provide the information they need to make informed decisions about their health. From browsing healthcare websites to understand health concerns to using mobile applications to manage their personal fitness, these experiences play a critical role in their healthcare journey. 

At Smith & Jones, we understand the importance of creating modern, seamless, and functional user environments that enable patients to easily manage their health and connect with your brand. Whether it’s ensuring your website is patient-centered and content-rich to building an innovative mobile application or patient portal, we focus on understanding the problem to be solved and developing the tools, processes, and frameworks that will best address it. We aim to create solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations, helping you provide better patient care and improve health outcomes.

We partner with healthcare organizations on:

  • Web Design & Development
  • Application Development
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Voice Applications

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