Organizational Alignment for Healthcare Brands — Renewed

How marketing can help align staff to the brand promise

Lately, we’ve noticed that internal alignment is increasingly becoming a hot topic for most healthcare organizations, due to an industry-wide focus on creating a better patient experience.  That’s why we updated one of our most popular white papers, “Organizational Alignment for Healthcare Brands,” to help your organization get a jump start on internal alignment best practices.

This white paper explores how your team can use marketing to help define and communicate your hospital or health system’s mission. You’ll learn how to get every member of your healthcare team to understand their role in keeping the brand promise.

This white paper will cover how to achieve organizational alignment, including:

  • How hospital CEOs can help communicate the brand position;
  • How to identify and share personal stories; and
  • How to use owned media for creating brand reminders.

Clicker here to download the white paper “Organizational Alignment for Healthcare Brands – Renewed”.