Understanding Healthcare Consumers

How each generation makes care decisions

Today, people in need of healthcare have more options, more information and more at stake when they make their care decisions. The way healthcare consumers choose care providers is evolving; changing based on the habits and behaviors of each new generation. In this post, we’ll look at how different generations of healthcare consumers make their purchase decisions to help hospital and physician practice marketers engage each segment of the healthcare audience.

Marketing healthcare to consumers

Hospitals and physician practices are discovering that it’s no longer enough to deliver good quality healthcare to remain competitive. Today’s discerning healthcare consumers, especially younger patients, consider brand reputation and patient experience before physician referrals. In response, care providers need to communicate the organization’s competitive position and deliver the desired patient experience to connect with younger generations.

This is a new reality for healthcare marketers, but for most consumer brands it has always been this way. More and more, patients are shopping for care much the way they do for other goods and services. They are actively researching their healthcare alternatives to determine how and where they will spend their care dollars.

To attract and engage healthcare consumers, it’s helpful when marketers understand the evolution of healthcare consumers, and what factors influence each segment of their audience.

To read more, download the white paper: Healthcare Consumers – The New Reality