Boomers challenge doctors’ orders

Understanding the Baby Boomer Generation (age 45-65)

Boomers are the leading edge of the ‘silver tsunami;’ a growing population of senior citizens that is changing the expectations of the healthcare industry. They question the status quo and search for new solutions. In addition to directing their own health care, Boomers are also likely to act as care givers and advocates for both their parents in the Greatest Generation and for their Gen-X and Gen-Y kids.


This generation is influenced by physicians, but they research their options, challenge assumptions and rely on conversations to make their healthcare choices. Boomers are very likely to seek information online, often in response to TV or other off-line media. A Google/Nielsen Boomer Survey from August 2012 reported that 78% of Boomers have searched health information online after seeing something on TV. Their searches focus on treatments, medications, side effects and risks. Boomers value quality care, and consider reviews and rating systems when choosing care providers and specialists.

Factors for Hospital Selection

  1. Physician’s recommendation 25%
  2. Hospital reputation 22%
  3. Prior experiences 20%
  4. Advanced technology 12%
  5. Proximity/location 10%

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