Healthcare Consumers: The New Reality

Understanding generational differences and how marketing tactics can engage diverse audiences

With more options, more information and more at stake, healthcare consumers are changing the way they make their care decisions. Hospitals and physician practices face the challenge of marketing to savvy, independent care seekers who play by a new set of rules.

This white paper looks at how each generation of healthcare consumers makes their purchase decisions, and how marketers can engage each segment of the healthcare audience.

Learn about the most effective tactics for each generation:

  • Why referral initiatives appeal to the Greatest Generation;
  • How integrated campaigns can drive Boomers to the web;
  • The importance of reputation for socially-oriented Generation X; and
  • How patient experience influences brand-savvy Millennials.

Click here to download the white paper “Healthcare Consumers: The New Reality”. Or dig deeper into the new realities of the ever-changing marketing world with the healthcare marketing book, “In Search of Good Medicine,” written by our very own, Mark Shipley.