The CEO’s role in hospital marketing

Why strong healthcare brands start at the top

With so many employees, doctors, patients and service lines, it’s hard to imagine that any hospital could create a cohesive and unified brand association. There are literally thousands of ways to deliver the customer experience – and as many ways to mess it up. Yet, top hospitals have succeeded in creating strong competitive positions that are clear, differentiated and widely understood.

In almost every case, these organizations have a Chief Executive Officer who understands and supports the organization’s marketing goals. These leaders champion the mission statement and translate core values from the top down to every level of the staff. People look to the CEO for vision and guidance, as the leader, interpreter and facilitator of a differentiated customer experience. It’s from this leadership position that an effective marketing strategy can take root and thrive.

Why is marketing leadership so important right now?

Hospitals are facing sweeping changes in their business models. The impacts of healthcare reform loom large on the horizon. Higher co-pays and greater financial exposure have made consumers more discerning in their healthcare choices. They use the internet for health-related research, self-diagnosis and even self-treatment options. And competition from free-standing urgent care, ambulatory surgery and alternative care centers continues to syphon off patients who would traditionally go to their local hospital. (Even Wal-Mart has hinted at plans to add low cost primary care centers to their retail network.)

Now more than ever, hospitals need to provide positive experiences that will make patients and doctors want to come back. Strong leadership can inspire and unify your staff to deliver great customer experiences.

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