5 reasons why your hospital should ditch its mission statement

Why a brand positioning statement is more effective

For as long as you can remember, your hospital has had a mission statement. However, if you ask your employees what that mission is, then they’ll probably respond with blank stares. Mission statements, although formed with good intentions, may not be the most effective mode of communication. They’re often lengthy, packed with goals and are somewhat forgettable. That’s why we are proposing the unthinkable: ditch the mission statement for a brand positioning statement. Not only is it a clearer and more compelling message, but a positioning statement can help with other hospital branding initiatives and improve the patient experience.

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Five reasons your hospital should replace it’s mission statement with a positioning statement:

  • Shorter

A positioning statement is an internal message that sets your organization apart competitively. It’s only one line — part mission statement and part emotional promise — distilled down to an engaging idea. With a clear statement, employees should be able to explain why their organization is best at what it does and then follow through.

  • Distinguishable

Mission statements tend to all sound the same — they can be a bit vague and too soft. A positioning statement, however, helps differentiate your organization from the competition. It’s how your organization is different or better than the competition. The right positioning statement will help your hospital stand out as a formidable competitor without all the fluff.

  • Memorable

Where does your mission statement currently live? It’s probably buried somewhere on your hospital’s website and likely ignored by users. However, a positioning statement can be powerful. It’s meant to evoke a feeling and set the stage for how internal audiences can represent the brand every day. The right positioning statement can inspire staff and help them remember what your hospital is all about. 

  • Believable

If the positioning statement is honest, then your hospital will be able to deliver on it consistently. Unlike a mission statement, the positioning statement is one clear thought that employees can easily digest. Make it believable, and your internal teams will believe in it.

  • Focused

Although an internal tagline, a positioning statement sets the stage for your hospital’s external messaging such as your brand promise and brand pillars. Use it as a reference at the beginning of each marketing campaign to ensure the creative is in focus.

Maybe your hospital or health system isn’t comfortable throwing out its mission statement just yet. Consider creating a positioning statement that complements your hospital’s mission. Patients should be able to feel the effects of this mode of communication. Employees should live by it every day.

Of course, if you want to learn more about writing a brand positioning statement, then you can schedule an appointment with an expert here. Or download The Hospital Marketing Organizer to gain a better understanding of your hospital’s brand.