Company culture part four: Giving your healthcare employees a sense of purpose

Don’t let employees lose sight of what’s important

Last week, we discussed how you can put your internal alignment messaging to work. As much as you reiterate these brand messages, however, it’s important to check up on your employees to make sure they’re feeling fulfilled at their job.

A passionate workforce can only lead to positive outcomes for your organization and its patients. Part of loving what you do means believing you’re a vital member of your hospital’s ecosystem. Considering you’re in the business of saving lives and keeping people healthy, that shouldn’t be difficult to pull off. However, the healthcare industry isn’t black and white. It’s highly-regulated and sometimes politically motivated, so it’s easy for employees to lose sight of what’s important. Your leadership should continue to remind internal teams of their high-sense of purpose. Instead of leaving them to figure it out on their own, try to validate their role in helping your organization maintain its success. Give them a sense of purpose, and you’ll start to create a dream team.

How to take action:

  • Translate your brand promise into clear, achievable goals for each department
  • Recognize when an employee goes above and beyond to help others in need 
  • Listen to internal teams for input or advice on delivering the patient experience

Next week, we will talk about how leadership teams can show their employees that they care about their service and loyalty to the brand. Some of the top companies in the U.S. offer attractive benefits to their workers. However, that’s not likely to happen in the healthcare industry, but there are other incentives you can give your employees — find out in the next installment of our company culture blog post series.