Millennials shop healthcare brands

Understanding Millennials (age 20-30)

Generation Y, also known as Millennials or Echo Boomers (because of the sudden rise in birth rates over Gen X), include over 75 million adults born since 1982. Only in their 20s, they have low utilization of inpatient and outpatient services, and access healthcare mostly through primary care, urgent care and OB/GYN providers.


These young adults tend to shop for and show preference for healthcare brands; they’re heavily influenced by great advertising, reputation and patient experiences. Millennials seek information from multiple sources, including online search, reviews and rating sites, their large social networks and word of mouth referrals. Like Gen X, Millennial patients are only moderately responsive to healthcare advertising. Because they are young and healthy, targeting media that delivers messages when Millennials are close to the care decision offers the best results: online advertising, TV and in-office messages.

They value positive personal relationships with care providers, but they are likely to switch doctors or hospitals if they have a negative experience.

Factors for Hospital Selection

  1. Hospital reputation 27%
  2. Prior experiences 25%
  3. Physician’s recommendation 18%
  4. Proximity/location 10%
  5. Advanced technology 8%

To learn more about the Millennial Generation and marketing tactics to engage them, download the white paper: Healthcare Consumers – The New Reality