Gen X: The healthcare consumer is born

Understanding Generation X (age 30-45)

Generation X represents the first generation of true healthcare consumers. Still in their 30s and early 40s, they have yet to create a high demand for healthcare services but are curious and actively seek information.


Members of Generation X have an affinity for healthcare brands and shop for healthcare much like they shop for retail goods and services. Gen X patients are only moderately responsive to healthcare advertising, favoring TV and in-office messages above other media, but they also have a natural tendency to consult online information sources including rating and review sites.

They have short-term expectations of their healthcare provider relationships, and will switch doctors and physicians based on recent experiences, a trait they share with younger Millennial consumers.

Factors for Hospital Selection:

  1. Hospital reputation 28%
  2. Prior experiences 23%
  3. Physician’s recommendation 18%
  4. Proximity/location 12%
  5. Advanced technology 10%

To learn more about Generation X and marketing tactics to engage them, download the white paper: Healthcare Consumers – The New Reality