Company culture part ten: Setting reachable goals for your healthcare employees

Working towards a greater purpose

Last week we talked about providing your internal team members with resources and tools to help them grow as individuals, but also to help your organization grow and meet goals.  Of course, setting large and lofty goals can help motivate workers and align them to a central cause. However, when it comes to achieving these goals, it can get overwhelming. That’s why we recommend that leadership members translate organizational goals to the department or employee level, creating goals that are smaller and within reach of your employees.

How to take action:

  • Every quarter create a different theme that addresses a business goal
  • Ask your employees to set personal goals to achieve that theme
  • Reward them with praise, recognition or a more tangible award for reaching that goal

That’s it for our company culture blog post series! If you missed any, here’s the list:

Need help pulling it off?

Company culture can help change your hospital or health system’s reputation, cultivate a healthier bottom line and happier patients. To learn more about internal alignment best practices for hospitals and health systems, try one of these helpful tools: