Company culture part nine: Providing healthcare employees with the tools to learn, grow and excel

Help them, help you

Last week, we discussed why your organization should give your employees more ownership at work. This gives them the opportunity to work independently, but also collaborate with each other to help meet organizational goals. Another way to help your organization succeed? By providing employees with the tools and resources to excel in their careers.

Some hospitals and health systems offer tuition reimbursement programs or pay employees to advance their education. It gives staff members an opportunity to improve their lives and, subsequently, their organizations. However, if you don’t have the resources to provide employees with educational benefits, then there are other ways to help employees expand their learning and grow your organization. Give them the tools to advance in their career and then watch as it benefits your organization as a whole.

How to take action:

  • Give them time off to attend conferences, lectures, educational seminars, or even online courses
  • Provide them with incentives to help motivate them to advance their career such as small monetary awards
  • Throw them a party if they pass a course etc.
  • Help them be the best they can be at work with a proficient workspace or waiting room

Next week, we will go over how hospitals and health systems can set reachable goals for its organization. It’s all about teamwork, right? Find out in the next and final installment of this company culture blog post series.