The Healthcare Marketing Plan Workbook

The ultimate workbook for outlining goals and measuring outcomes

Marketers of hospitals and health systems have a lot to juggle, between matching departmental priorities with organizational business goals and keeping the CEO in the loop. So, when it comes to developing a marketing plan, wouldn’t it be incredibly useful to have a document in place that keeps everyone focused on what’s important?

Our Healthcare Marketing Plan Workbook is a tool that can help you gain more control over your brand messaging, manage long and short-term goals, and keep track of KPIs. The editable PDF is easy to fill out and can travel with you to all administrative meetings, so you can keep organized and have information readily available when ROI inquiries arise.

How to use The Healthcare Marketing Plan Workbook:

  • The Brand/Marketing Audit Checklist: This checklist serves as an overview for evaluating your current brand or marketing efforts.
  • The Big Picture: A big-picture outlook of your brand and long-term goals.
  • The Annual Plan: Broken down quarterly, here’s where to put your specific goals, actuals, and KPIs for each quarter.
  • SWOT & Challenges: A place to brainstorm your ongoing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and challenges.

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