Waiting rooms are the place for owned media

Patients typically spend a decent amount of time waiting for doctors when they have an appointment, especially when a doctor is in high demand. Instead of having your patients sit there and stare at the clock, this is the perfect opportunity to educate patients about leading a healthy lifestyle and what the hospital has to offer using owned media.

Owned media is exactly what it sounds like: media that a brand, like your hospital, creates or controls. Some examples are your facility, web site, mobile site and social media channels.



A MediaPost article described the waiting room as the perfect place to bridge the gap between “doctor-speak” and everyday language. Your hospital consumers will appreciate this; it will allow for a more meaningful conversation once they finally sit down with you at their appointment.

Long gone are the days of brochures in plastic holders labeled “Take One.” Wall posters are becoming extinct as well. This is the time to break away from the typical model and integrate more innovative strategies.

One tool that can be used to educate those in the waiting room is Phreesia, a registration tablet that asks survey questions to prep the patient for a physician discussion.

Another option is to use QR codes and URLs on literature for web site links that patients can visit for more information and resources. Patient-education videos can discuss potential treatments as your patients wait. The waiting room can also be a place that promotes applications that patients can use to learn more about their condition.

By using owned media, you will build a stronger brand for your hospital and the waiting time will fly for your consumers.

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