A Toast to 19th Century Medical Advertising

History of Healthcare Advertising, Part 4

My grandfather believed in one shot of schnapps a day. He lived to 100.

Grandma told me to put a little scotch on the teething, sore gums of my baby.

My own experiences as a nursing mother heeded the advice of various consultants beliefs that an occasional hoppy beer would help the milk production.  Although it was recommended to drink alcohol-free beer, some believe that the calming effect of a little alcohol here and there was good for a new mother’s nerves.

Today there is a lot of research and reporting on the heart health benefits of a glass of red wine.

So I wonder, what really was in Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup for teething children?

These 19th Century advertisements promoted physician approved malt, hops, and alcoholic based tonics.