3 shifts in healthcare marketing to appeal to women

Want to reach women? (Yes, you do.) Start a conversation, reach across platforms and provide support.


Women are rising in power and influence. They outnumber men, earn more college degrees than men, and in many cases are the breadwinners of their households. Most importantly, women are still the number one healthcare decision maker for their families. Because of this, it’s more important than ever to tailor your healthcare marketing messages to the women in your target audience – and you’re not talking to your grandma anymore.

Here are three ways to reach women based on new marketing trends:

1. Storybuilding: Women don’t want to just hear about other women’s stories. They want to contribute to the conversation with their own experiences and advice. They want to be social. Think message boards. Women want to turn to each other for advice, so offer up a platform for them via your social media accounts.

2. Cross-platform marketing: Women today are busy. You need to be able to reach them across screens while they’re on-the-go. This means your organization needs to be everywhere they are – not just on the ‘big screen,’ aka TV.

3. Aspiration: In the past, marketing promised that a product or service would improve the buyer’s life. Today, healthcare marketers are encouraging women to achieve their own goals. They’re providing support, not a miracle solution.

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