Shrinking attention span = TLDR

Marketers must meet the demand for short content

In today’s world of information overload and social media clutter, our attention spans are shrinking. The modern day consumer isn’t looking for lengthly, detailed articles but is more interested in quick and easily digestible content. We’ve known this for a while—that’s why we shortened our blog posts and started creating “info-snacks.”


Another agency that’s responded to this trend is Digiday. This month, they released TLDR, a new feature on their website that makes it easier for their readers to digest their content. Based off the Internet’s acronym “too long; didn’t read,” they’ve installed a TLDR button on the side of all of their posts that when clicked, instantly summarizes the article to 50-75 words.

They’ve also introduced the infinite scroll—a great technique that encourages users to stay longer (mimicking the stream feeds of Facebook and Twitter).

Content marketing is ever-changing, but one thing is for sure—the demand for short content is here to stay.