The show must go on: How to safely produce video content during COVID-19

When last March hit, your advertising and marketing plans likely got… reshuffled, to say it nicely. Digital assets, keywords and written content could be changed out fairly easily to better reflect our new reality. But that video shoot you were planning? That presents an entirely different set of problems. Sure, you can cut down the number of people in the spot… but how about the number of camera, lighting, or audio crew? Or producers? Makeup artists? These jobs are performed in close proximity of one another to help create a seamless experience.

The COVID-19 pandemic would change that.

In the past year we’ve gotten creative with video, including filming Zoom calls. However, especially for hospitals, nothing can quite replace shooting in a real location with real people. But how can you assure everyone is safe?

Here in New York, we found a great partner, CineMedics, which provides onsite rapid COVID testing for video shoots. We recently worked with the New York State Department of Health, and providing the tests the day of was a huge relief to everyone, knowing everyone who walked onto set was cleared, and the actors and crew didn’t have to worry about quarantining between testing and shoot-day. Similar to drive-through testing, the tests are done within each individual’s car, and the results come back in roughly 15 minutes. Then our crew was off to races.

Especially in a healthcare setting, health and safety is always the most important thing. But don’t let the fear of COVID hold you back from creating new video content to promote your services. It can be done safely, and we’ll get through this together.

The header image features our lovely Account Manager, Sharon