Question Mark: Why is content so important for your hospital website?

Mark Shipley answers your healthcare marketing queries

Q: Why is content so important for your hospital website?

A: Hospitals need good content to compete online and keep users interested in their services.


Before the digital age, when we ran advertising, typically a potential patient would respond by picking up the phone and calling a number or showing up at the door or going to a physician and asking for a referral. That all changed with the internet. Today 48 percent of patients spend two weeks online looking at information before booking an appointment. So, it’s really important that you have content on your website.

In the early days of the internet, there wasn’t a lot of content out there so if you were putting content on your website you were ahead of the game. But it is not enough to just have content these days. Today, you have to have content that is ten times better than your competitors.

If you don’t have better content, it is unlikely that Google will rank you higher than your competitors and once people get to your website, if that content isn’t really good, it is unlikely that you will keep them interested in your services.

The bottom line is if you want to engage patients, if you want to keep them interested in your organization, you have to have really good content on your website. 

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