Inbound Marketing: Nourishment for Content-Hungry Patients

Engagement strategies for hospitals and physician practices

When you’re in need of a product or service, do you wait for a company to market to you? Probably not. Your patients are the same way, actively seeking information through search engines and social networks. Learn how you can engage these information-hungry patients in our free white paper.

This white paper offers practical insights about inbound marketing in healthcare, including:

  • The difference between outbound and inbound marketing;
  • Why hospitals and physician practices need inbound marketing;
  • How to implement an inbound strategy; and
  • How to involve all staff members’ expertise in the plan.

Click here to download the white paper “Inbound Marketing: Nourishment for Content-Hungry Patients”. Or dig deeper into the new realities of the ever-changing marketing world with the healthcare marketing book, “In Search of Good Medicine,” written by our very own, Mark Shipley.