New Year means no smoking at hospitals

How can a hospital be seen as a clean, nurturing place to go to in order to get better if employees and visitors are seen smoking outside of the facility in publicly visible locations such as entrances and near the ER? In addition to being disgusting to non-smokers, this can create a negative brand perception for your hospital and the second-hand smoke can put others at risk.



Two hospitals are about to start enforcing a tobacco-free rule on their property so that they can continue to provide excellence in patient care, maintain a safe healing environment, and promote healthy lifestyles: Piedmont Fayette Hospital and Piedmont Newman Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

This new policy will prohibit the use of any tobacco products inside or outside either location. The policy will apply to employees, physicians, patients, visitors, volunteers, contractors, and vendors while they are on property. Smoking will be banned in all buildings, entrances, walkways, grounds, parking lots, and inside of parked vehicles on property.

Both hospitals realize how difficult it can be to quit smoking. In order to help those quit and lead healthier lifestyles, Piedmont Fayette and Piedmont Newman will provide tobacco cessation information and classes.

It is important to think about what message your hospital is communicating to your patients by allowing smoking on premises.