Leaders of hospitals and healthcare organizations are faced with tough and complex decisions. The Affordable Care Act imposed new regulations for all, leaving leaders to feel their way through the murky process of reinventing an industry.

Most of these leaders have the data they need to make sensible choices about their future. They’ve been collecting and storing this data for years, and using it for many different islands of their organization.

But surviving in the new world of healthcare requires a higher level of integration among these islands. And most organizations simply don’t have the technology to combine this data into the business-building insights they need to survive.

Datagen knows firsthand how pressing this issue is. Self-professed data wonks with decades of healthcare experience, Datagen builds custom data analysis dashboards that help healthcare leaders extract clear insights from muddy data. Dashboards can be leveraged to inform many different kinds of decisions across healthcare systems, including payment collections, medicare reimbursement, and population health management.

When Datagen turned to Smith & Jones, print and online advertising commitments were already in place. Smith & Jones was tasked with making the most of the media buy, and planting the seeds of the Datagen brand nationwide.

Our strategy focused on messaging that cut to the core of issues that keep hospital leaders up at night. Focusing on the most emotionally charged issues allowed us to present a message that resonated deeply with targets and establish Datagen’s credibility as a partner that helps organizations survive under new models.

Our strategy focused on the core needs of population health; emotionally charged issues that keep hospital leaders up at night.