The New Media Paradigm

The New Media Paradigm

How digital channels and consumer habits are changing healthcare marketing

The changes in how patients seek care, compounded with the rapid advancements in technology and increasing healthcare costs, has resulted in marketers needing to find inexpensive ways to reach niche audiences and help them make informed decisions.

Download “The New Media Paradigm” to learn about the overarching trend to pull away from paid media, and increase efforts in owned and earned media.

This white paper reviews the latest media strategies, including:

  • Media consumption trends among the four generations;
  • New media channels to target key audiences;
  • How to leverage owned and earned media; and
  • Media budget allocation to reflect new trends. 

To learn more about how digital channels and consumer habits are changing healthcare marketing, download the white paper here. Or dig deeper into the new realities of the ever-changing marketing world with the healthcare marketing book, “In Search of Good Medicine,” written by our very own, Mark Shipley.