Company culture part eight: Giving employees a sense of ownership

Let their voices be heard

Last week, we talked about creating a more transparent environment at your hospital or health system. It’s important for employees to feel safe and welcomed at their place of work. Another way to invoke feelings of security is to give them a sense of ownership.

Clinicians, housekeeping, administrators, operations people — they all have their separate roles, and they all have their own agendas. How can you get everyone on the same page about organizational goals and make them feel like an asset to your team? Give them a sense of ownership. Not only does this give employees a feeling of independence, but opens up new opportunities for creative solutions. In an ownership culture, people feel like they belong and will work collectively toward meeting goals. Create safe spaces where employees can work independently, but feel like their voice is heard.

How to take action:

  • Give them a voice in how they operate within their department
  • Ensure employees feel less constricted and more willing to think outside of the box
  • Provide them with moral support as well as helpful guidance if they ever feel stuck

Next week, we will discuss why hospitals and health systems should do more to invest in their employees’ futures. If you give them the tools or resources to improve, don’t you think it will have a positive impact on your organization? Learn more in the next installment of our company culture blog post series.