Healthcare specialists publish white paper on digital storytelling

“Digital Storytelling—Part I” discusses how to create compelling brand stories and improve patient engagement

Storytelling is one way to humanize a healthcare brand and evoke consumer loyalty, which is why we published “Digital Storytelling— Part I,” our latest white paper that discusses how to engage patients through an emotional, honest brand story.

Downloadable from our website, the white paper provides insight into how Columbia Memorial Health used digital storytelling to change its brand perception, and how your hospital can achieve great outcomes with a compelling narrative.

“Hospital marketing can often paint a sterile or vain picture of care services and staff,” CEO Mark Shipley said. “Digital storytelling can help paint a better picture and break down the emotional walls that exist between a healthcare system and patient.”

The white paper is a two part series. Part I outlines the components of an exceptional brand story. Part II will discuss how to define your hospital’s brand promise and tell your story across multimedia channels.

Download “Digital Storytelling—Part I” and learn how to:

  • Humanize your hospital through an emotional brand promise
  • Create a compelling brand narrative
  • Inspire audiences to take action and believe in your organization