5 benefits of a great hospital brand story

Every great brand has a story to tell … what’s yours?

Storytelling is a powerful tool.  Books can enchant us, movies can transport us and TV show characters can start to feel like your closest friends. Brand storytelling can be just as powerful, especially in healthcare. Through storytelling, we’ve helped hospitals change poor brand perceptions, engage thousands of new patients and inspire brand loyalty. 

As you can imagine there are many reasons to invest your time and energy into creating an honest, emotional brand story. But we’ve narrowed it down to five of the most compelling:

It builds customer personas

Brand storytelling can help customers understand what to expect if they choose your hospital or health system. It can make prospective patients determine if certain programs or procedures are right for them. For example, a TV spot featuring a patient who underwent weight loss surgery can help consumers decide if it’s right for them, too. 

It gives your organization an edge

The healthcare industry is becoming increasingly competitive as alternative care models evolve and population health gains traction. Storytelling is a great way to develop a competitive position and make an honest, emotional first impression with prospective patients. Stand out from competitors by telling patient stories— not testimonials — that tout successful outcomes. 

It provides a better customer experience

Have you ever picked up a book and not wanted to put it down? Brand storytelling can evoke that same level of engagement. Think about Nike or Apple and the level of loyalty these brands foster. Both brands have strong identities and consistent customer experience. Get your staff on board first with your brand story to boost internal alignment and provoke better customer service.

It inspires audiences to take action

Every great brand story has a call to action. Nike commercials motivate people to buy new athletic gear and hit the gym. Apple commercials promote their innovative gadgets and entice people to buy.  For healthcare brands, your stories can drive traffic to a web page, motivate patients to schedule an appointment or to pick up the phone and give their doctor a call.

It changes perceptions

Hospitals or health systems can be perceived as sterile environments that are run by impersonal doctors and nurses. Oftentimes, though, the perception does not match the reality. Healthcare brands are more than surface level. They are the individuals – the administrators, the physicians, the nurses, the housekeepers, the cleaning crew – and the core values they share. And they’re the patients and the level of customer service they’ve experienced. Use storytelling to share these individual stories that relate to the human experience. This could lead to engaged patients and a new outlook on your healthcare organization.

Download our white paper “Digital Storytelling – Part I” to learn more about this topic.