Finding the right hospital to have a baby

Thoughts from an expecting father: What to inspect when you’re expecting

My wife and I found out a few months ago that we are expecting twins due in July. Of course this set off a chain reaction of excitement and anxiety that has not nearly reached its peak.


Immediately, we started thinking of all the things that would need to be done and considered:

  • How would we set up the babies’ room?
  • Do we need a bigger car?
  • How would the dogs react?
  • What do we need and do we really need two of everything?
  • Does Nerf make furniture?
  • How are we going to afford this?
  • How many baby name books should we read?
  • Should we find out what we are having?
  • When should we announce this on Facebook?
  • Is there a cut-off time for ice cream runs to the store?
  • Will we be good parents?

What was missing from that initial list and subsequent freak-outs were two important questions:

  • Where we should have the babies; and
  • What things are important to look for when researching hospitals?

So, I pose this question; what should parents-to-be look for in a hospital when choosing the right place to have their baby?