Your brand is a baby and it needs to be nurtured

When thinking about what makes a brand, think of the idea that the whole is greater than or equal to the sum of its parts. Think of it as a collection of things that go together, that match, and feel connected. A good brand has it’s own unique DNA. From the words and how you structure the language to the colors, the type, graphics, the photo style, video point of view, the stories you tell, your customer service, and yes the logo.

Once you get this brand ready for its debut… then the hard part of keeping it going begins. You have to treat the brand and its elements as a living organism. You can’t just let it sit out there. The many parts need to be nurtured to grow and develop. I’ve seen many brands fail because there wasn’t a plan to continuously implement or no one to implement and keep it consistent. As a result, the brand fell apart and the money spent on the branding process and understanding the brand personality was wasted. So plan on raising this unique baby and enjoy watching it grow.

If you’re looking for a short checklist of what tools you will need to create your brand, keep an eye out for our upcoming post on “The Brand Toolbox”.