Behavioral retargeting strategies for hospitals

Build a better mousetrap to maximize your web investment

Studies show that 98% of all people who will visit your website leave without engaging in your content (following your social media, watching web video or reading content). Considering the significant resources you pour into web design and development, that’s a lot of lost potential. What if you could recapture even a portion of those visitors? You can, when you use behavioral retargeting to build a better mousetrap.


Behavioral retargeting allows you to specifically target prospects who have expressed some type of interest in your business (usually by clicking on your website), and encourage them to return to your website through a series of marketing and advertising techniques:

  • Internet cookies–harmless programming code attached to the search history of your potential customer’s computer–can identify potential customers individually and retarget advertising to their specific interests. Once installed, these cookies will display your company’s banner advertising on other websites that your potential customer may visit, building brand awareness and drastically increasing they will return to your website.
  • Marketing strategies for behavioral retargeting campaigns might include specific calls to action, increasing amounts of information or creating a series of advertisements, promotions or giveaways that will appeal to your key demographic and keep them coming back to your website.
  • Behavioral retargeting requires web traffic and hype to be successful. Create traffic with content that is relevant and interesting to your prospects, or branch out into other areas of interest to expand your client base. Offer free services, reports, giveaways, downloads or anything that appeals to your key demographics. Once a potential customer clicks through, your cookie will do the work for you.

Behavioral retargeting helps you maximize your marketing investment by focusing on and building relationships with your best prospects. It’s another tool for promoting your hospital brand over the internet.

Have you tried retargeting? If so, has it worked and what have you learned in the process?