Agency Conducting 2014 Healthcare Marketing Study to Uncover Trends

Smith & Jones Distributes Survey Among Hospital Executives for Benchmark Study

Healthcare marketing agency, Smith & Jones, announced today it would be conducting a nationwide survey to study healthcare marketing trends. The agency plans to publish the results at the end of this year.

The survey was designed for hospital executives, including Presidents, CEOs, CMOs, and marketing directors. It includes questions about marketing budgets, tactics, measurement, and marketing challenges, and it can be completed within five minutes.


In return for filling out the survey, each participant will receive a free healthcare marketing e-book, In Search of Good Medicine by Mark D. Shipley, Strategy Director and Principal of Smith & Jones, when it is released later this year.

“The effects of the Affordable Care Act are now being felt by hospitals and physicians practices,” said Shipley. “Through this survey we hope to collect data to monitor the changes in marketing efforts in response to this major impact on the healthcare system.”

The survey has been distributed through email lists and the agency’s social media networks. Access the survey and sign up to receive a free copy of In Search of Good Medicine at