Pricing and Engagements

Smith & Jones helps hospitals and healthcare networks solve business problems both big and small. We can be engaged to build a brand or grow market share, to fulfill a business objective or for a single project. We tailor our services to match the scope of your need, to collaborate with internal teams or to accommodate your available budget.

Typical Client Spend

Our clients spend between $200,000 and $3,000,000 with us each year. Our minimum initial engagement is $50,000.

We work with no more than twelve clients at any time to remain focused on our clients’ business. Fees for our services are agreed upon in advance and billed as estimated.

Our Guarantee: Total charges match estimates without variance.

Three Reasons to Work With Us

Here are some common reasons healthcare providers engage Smith & Jones.

Brand Positioning

Branding problems are tricky, and they don’t always make themselves obvious. Most of our clients come to us when they’re reading lots of negative social media reviews, seeing important numbers trend downwards, or just wonder why patients in their market are choosing competing providers.
This may be the most common problem our clients want us to solve, and we’ve done it all over the country.

Service Line Campaigns

Many healthcare providers operate on thin margins, so when key service lines don’t meet volume expectations, something must be done. We’ve helped our clients solve problems across lots of different service lines, but the most common ones are cardiology, cancer, orthopedics and bariatrics.

Internal Alignment and Company Culture

With HCAHPS playing a bigger (and growing) role in reimbursements, providers must begin to address the patient experience. And there’s no bigger barrier than a workforce that doesn’t buy into the brand. We’re helping more and more clients address this just like we did here.