The values that define and guide our relationships

In our industry, our people are our livelihood, and their time is our inventory. Because of this, it’s important that we have a fluid team to consistently deliver high quality work to our clients. By identifying and communicating a shared set of values, we can align our team to common goals and expectations.

Core values define company culture, and company culture drives success. We believe that an understanding and demonstration of core values outlines what’s important to the organization and helps employees to see how they fit into the big picture. We feel so strongly about core values that we incorporated them into our brand building process for clients.

Below are our internal core values and what they mean for everyday operations:



Get it done right

This core value is exactly what it sounds like: we strive to deliver high-quality, creative work to our clients — on time, on budget and on strategy. We bill to estimate to make sure that all project or campaign details are understood and both the client and agency are on the same page before we begin work. At the same time, we’ve fostered a culture of innovators. Our agency is a safe space where we encourage creative thinking and support one another to try new things and push the envelope. Since we are human, we sometimes make a mistake, but when we do, we always admit it and then fix it beyond expectations. We call this pursuing the leading edge, without crossing over into the bleeding edge.


Trust and respect

Trust and respect are key ingredients for a well-oiled team and client-agency relationship. These qualities are earned by being dependable, reliable, keeping promises and having confidence in each other. Relationships are most successful when all parties believe that they have each other’s best interests in mind and are drawing from their expertise to present solutions that will drive the biggest ROI.


Be happy

In an industry as stressful and demanding as healthcare (and marketing), it’s hard to be positive every moment of every single day, but we make it a core value to have fun, keep a positive attitude and enjoy the work. When you think about it, we spend more time with clients and coworkers than we do with our own families. While we can’t make everyone happy, we can actively choose to associate with people who understand that their happiness directly affects the wellbeing of our clients, the morale of the team and the company’s bottom line.



At face value, collaboration refers to everyone contributing different backgrounds and specialties, and presenting different viewpoints to solve common problems. This variety brings about fresh ideas. It also refers to the collaboration of client and agency working together to achieve goals. We always want everyone to have appropriate input in the course of a project or campaign to ensure every perspective has been considered. We also know when to draw the line to prevent ‘too many cooks’ from muddling the campaign message and spoiling its effectiveness.


Know your shit

Our inventory is our time and creative minds. We hire intelligent people with a lifelong thirst for knowledge and continuous improvement. This expertise that we put into every project and campaign for every client is what differentiates us from the pack. You can have confidence in the fact that we’re up on industry expertise, world events and culture, the latest trends, and know how to make them work for your organization (and are smart enough to know when they won’t).