Healthcare Marketing Analytics

Using inbound and outbound marketing metrics to build a plan, track results and prove ROI

Great healthcare marketing begins and ends with measurement. Setting goals, identifying relevant metrics and tracking results allow you to determine the success or failure of your campaign. Without it, hospitals and physician practices blindly deplete their budgets with no way of tracking if any dollar spent brought them any closer to reaching their goals.

This white paper will review the role of analytics in healthcare marketing, including:

  • Why it’s important to measure marketing results;
  • How to build a campaign around analytics;
  • What to measure in outbound marketing campaigns; and
  • What to measure in inbound marketing campaigns.

Click here to download the white paper “Healthcare Marketing Analytics”. Or dig deeper into the new realities of the ever-changing marketing world with the healthcare marketing book, “In Search of Good Medicine,” written by our very own, Mark Shipley.