Four Reasons to Invest In Hospital Branding

Positioning and identity help hospitals compete

In today’s highly competitive healthcare environment, hospitals and physician practices strive for every advantage to move their organization above the rest. Many invest in new facilities, expanded services and high-priced advertising campaigns. But marketing data suggests only a few invest in the more subtle but surprisingly powerful strategy of brand building.

In this white paper, we’ll review four reasons to invest in hospital branding:

  • Strong healthcare brands control their own destinies;
  • A clear brand position aligns physicians and staff;  
  • Brand tools ensure consistent communications; and
  • Branding supports multichannel and social media initiatives.

Click here to download the white paper “Four Reasons to Invest in Hospital Branding”. Or dig deeper into the new realities of the ever-changing marketing world with the healthcare marketing book, “In Search of Good Medicine,” written by our very own, Mark Shipley.