Marketing in hospital’s owned media channels

Exploit owned media to engage internal audiences

Think about it. Every day hundreds or even thousands of people pass through a hospital’s doors. Physicians, staff, volunteers, patients, family members, vendors and other visitors represent a huge captive audience, and an opportunity to engage and inspire the people who are closest to your brand.

A highly engaging marketing tool that can be leveraged to reach hospital audiences – and one that’s too-often overlooked – is owned media.

What is owned media?

Owned media represents those marketing and communications channels that organizations create or control—versus paid media like banner advertising, television spots and billboards; or earned media where an article appears in traditional or online media.

For hospitals and health facilities, owned media includes the building and other physical assets, the website and social channels. Properties and vehicles are particularly valuable because of the large amount of exposure they can generate both inside and outside the facility.

There are endless opportunities to create owned media in a hospital or clinic setting. Examples range from external signage, vehicle wraps, artwork, grounds, interior design and digital displays to floor and wall graphics, screen savers, information design and corporate communications. Owned media messages can appear in virtually any public space, from entries to exam rooms, cafeterias to elevators, stairwells to parking garages.

Anything or anywhere an organization can use to send a message or make an impression can be considered owned media. It’s also an opportunity to communicate a message to those who are closest to your brand.