Gaining brand support from hospital leadership

Engaging the CEO & C-Suite Executives

Hospital CEOs, like all executives in the C-suite, are busy people. Marketing is just a small part of his or her responsibility, and it often competes for time and resources with important organizational concerns such as clinical performance, compliance, fundraising, physician relations, staffing and facilities management.


Of course, every hospital leader has his or her own preconceptions about marketing’s role in achieving organizational goals. Some may lack marketing experience or sophistication; unsure how to leverage marketing efforts to generate positive returns. Other CEOs look at marketing as an afterthought, failing to give it much attention. But marketing savvy CEOs understand that marketing is an investment that can help to align and inspire an organization’s workforce, build awareness within the community, influence physician referral habits, and change patient population behavior and attitudes over time.

At its best, marketing is a source of pride for the CEO; a translation of his company vision and a rallying cry for the entire organization. At it worst, marketing is an expensive, risky undertaking that keeps him awake at night.

Why marketing needs the CEO

The marketing team needs the support of the C-Suite to do its job well. The CEO is a powerful ally who can help communicate brand strategy across the organization, defend marketing tactics and protect essential resources from indiscriminate budget cuts. It’s always helpful to have a cheerleader in the C-suite. Building a relationship and creating an ongoing dialog with the CEO helps the marketing team anticipate directional changes in the organization, sell creative solutions and overcome resistance from other stakeholders.

To learn how to gain the support of the C-Suite, download the white paper:

Navigating the Healthcare Organizational Hierarchy