Top 4 digital marketing mistakes to avoid in 2020

The best – and worst – thing about digital marketing is that it’s constantly changing. That’s good because it keeps our jobs interesting, never stagnant. But keeping up with all these changes on top of our other responsibilities is a challenge. That’s why every year we release a healthcare marketing trends report to address the most important changes coming in the next year, and give you steps on how to handle them.

In this year’s report, we outlined 10 mistakes that healthcare marketers should completely avoid in 2020. Just need a quick overview? Here are the four most important digital marketing mistakes that you need to know about.

Mistake #1 – Maintaining your digital status quo

So, you’ve perfected your digital marketing strategy in 2019. Great! Now get ready to change it. Digital marketing continues to evolve as consumer behaviors change. Engagement and click-through-rates (CTR) are up for paid search, but have continued to decline for digital display advertising over the same period. The cost-per-click (CPC) for paid search has continued to rise too, and as engagement grows, marketers need to plan that media will cost more than it did a year ago. Have you been spending the same amount with Google quarter after quarter? It’s time to reassess that number.

Mistake #2 – Not prioritizing meaningful interactions

New Facebook algorithms are rewarding posts that earn “meaningful interactions,” otherwise known as shares, reactions (previously called “likes”) and comments. Healthcare brands that use social media effectively – by being more genuine and less sales-focused, showing a sense of humor or posting unique and entertaining content – are getting more traction from their social spend.

Mistake #3 – Taking too long to get to the point

In an on-demand world where more content is just a click away, marketers’ biggest challenge is keeping their ads in front of the audience. Smart healthcare marketers have learned how to win the battle for short attention spans by retooling their messages and buying media that connects at the appropriate stage of the buying decision.

Mistake #4 – Underestimating the influencers

Social media influencers and YouTube celebrities have become aspirational heroes and trusted resources for millions of followers and fans. Is there a place for influencers in the serious, life-and-death business of medicine? Instead of paying someone to create a post about your organization, you could team up with someone from within (like a doctor or nurse) who is charismatic and knowledgeable on a topic you want to promote. This partnership could save you money and build credibility for your brand.

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