Question Mark: How can hospitals or health systems use marketing automation?

Mark Shipley answers your healthcare marketing queries

Q: How can a hospital use marketing automation?

A: To nurture and educate users until they are ready to become a patient.

Today’s question is how can a hospital use marketing automation? The best way to answer this question is to tell you how we’ve done it for another client. For instance: Marketing maternity. The trick with marketing automation is you need something on your website that is going to capture an email address. That could be a form, it could be a questionnaire, it could be a screening of some kind.

Once you have that email address and delivery date, you can send emails to that woman on an automated basis throughout her entire pregnancy. And give her information that is relevant to the different stages that she goes through and the different kinds of things that she’s personally experiencing during her pregnancy. What this does is it helps her become more engaged with your organization.

You can also use marketing automation for appointment reminders, appointment follow-ups, medication reminders and other things.

The benefits of marketing automation include the ability to measure ROI, which is pretty important in this day and age. It also allows you to send personalized content to your prospective patients and your patients at a point in which they’re ready and interested in that particular content. And lastly, it helps to nurture them as they move from consideration of your hospital all the way through to the point in which they decide to become a patient.

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