Smith & Jones’ Releases 10th Annual Healthcare Marketing Trends Report

(Albany, NY) – Smith & Jones released the healthcare marketing firm’s 10th annual Healthcare Marketing Trends Report, Navigating the New Normal, from the floor of the Society for Health Care Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD) conference on Monday, September 12, 2022 in National Harbor, MD.

From the report, “There’s no turning back. COVID’s impact on healthcare systems is here to stay. Staff are leaving burnt out and disillusioned at alarming rates. The big box stores have firmly moved into our space, pushing out hospitals and health systems as the gatekeepers of access to care. And high-deductible plans have accelerated healthcare consumerism at the fastest rate since the advent of WebMD in 1996.

In other words, the long-predicted power shift in healthcare has arrived. Everything we ever knew about consumer behavior and our competition has dramatically changed.”

The report details the top six trends that the seasoned Smith & Jones team honed in on for their 10th edition of the book.

“The healthcare industry is resilient, but that doesn’t mean that the long-term effects of the pandemic did not hit healthcare systems hard,” said Smith & Jones’ Vice President Paul Fahey. “Consumer behavior and the market have drastically changed, as has the way we need to think about healthcare marketing. Our goal was to highlight the areas in which hospital administrators, healthcare leadership, marketers, and analysts could have the most impact for their organizations and their communities.” Fahey co-authored the new release along with several previous editions.

The report highlights important topics affecting most all healthcare organizations and companies, such as:

  • The high costs of low morale
  • How the Great Resignation has shifted the priority of recruitment and retention
  • What telehealth can do and where it falls short
  • The rise of retail healthcare and what that means for all of us
  • Why growth marketing and social proof are crucial to your marketing strategies

“Marketers must adapt, or become obsolete,” Fahey said.

Click here to download the report now, and sign up for the webinar happening on October 6.

About Smith & Jones: Smith & Jones is the full-service healthcare marketing agency known for leading hospitals, healthcare providers, and health systems toward increased revenue and growth with patient- and recruitment-centered marketing campaigns. Smith & Jones has consulted with more than seventy hospitals and health systems on everything from service line marketing to branding, employee recruitment, and crisis PR. Now backed by the power of Overit, a full-service creative agency.