People-focused Doctor Allheart

Quiet and supportive, this doctor personality wants to know the real you.

The most successful marketing leaders are often the most successful relationship developers. Yes, they need to know their craft, but they also need to build working relationships with lots of different kinds of people. For marketers in healthcare, doctors can be some of the most challenging people to build relationships with.

To help build those relationships, we’re sharing our insights into 4 common doctor personality types we’ve uncovered. We’ve been marketing side-by-side with physicians for 30+ years, and we’ve found that most physicians fall into 4 types. In this post, we’ll meet the open, sensitive Dr. Allheart.

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The Dr. Allheart type needs stability

The Dr. Allheart type want to know the real you. Often quiet, always open-hearted, this type may not build as many relationships as Dr. Popular, but the ones they build are for life.

Top priorities: Dr. Allheart types value the support they give to other people. They listen with ears and hearts open. They love to work side-by-side with others and are the ones most likely to bring stability to volatile situations.

Motivated by: This type likes to keep things steady and secure. You’re likely to find them behind the scenes worrying about details while their more outspoken peers have moved on.

How to spot them: Observers by nature, the Dr. Allheart type is likely to give you their full attention. If you’re making a presentation, they may and even give you subtle cues to encourage you. One on one, you’ll notice humility, a team-player attitude, and sometimes indecisiveness.

Where to find them: You’ll find them practicing family medicine, pediatrics, women’s health, and oncology.

How to build a great relationship:

Dr. Allheart types love to help others, so find non-condescending ways to ask for their help. But remember, they’re so open to helping others that they sometimes feel taken advantage of. Be sure you’re not the person who asks or expects too much.

Find ways to make change palatable by pointing out things that won’t or don’t change as a result of your work. Don’t be afraid to ask for their feelings about a situation, and be prepared to work together on solutions.

Open up, personally, to a Dr. Allheart. It may not come naturally to you, but if you can do it in a way that’s comfortable for both parties you’ll build a shared library of interpersonal connections and a close relationship.

Meet the 3 other doctor personality types

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