4 ways your hospital brand can succeed at Instagram marketing

Connect with new audiences and tell a killer brand story

Instagram is by no means a new social media platform, yet many hospitals and health systems are just beginning to use it as a marketing tool. Instagram has attained over 500 million users since its inception, which means there’s an entire market the healthcare industry is just starting to tap into. Using this platform to gain brand exposure and get ahead of the competition is a no brainer.

Not only can Instagram serve as a tool to attract both existing and current patients, but it can also help with brand storytelling. According to Hubspot, 65% of senior marketing executives believe visual aids are essential to communicating a brand story. Companies outside of the healthcare sphere, such as Nike and Red Bull use Instagram to develop rich and compelling stories. As a result, they are connecting with consumers on a more personal level. It’s safe to say that visual content is king and Instagram is a kingdom.

If your organization wants to get ahead of the competition in 2017, then it should consider leveraging new media to promote its service lines and build brand awareness. Why not start with Instagram?

Here are some tips to lead a successful Instagram account:

Be Identifiable

Don’t confuse Instagram users by posting unidentifiable content. Hospitals should use this social media platform to promote good health, expose individual service lines, advertise for wellness events, etc. Stick with what you know and be decisive about what you show. Find a way to incorporate your hospital’s brand in every post. If your voice and content are serious, then stay serious. If it’s comical, then stay comical. It’s that simple.

Know your Target Audience

Millennials have jumped on the Instagram bandwagon in great numbers, with 90 percent of users younger than 35. In addition to leveraging it to build brand awareness, we suggest using Instagram to promote service lines that speak to younger generations. For example, target student-athletes by promoting your latest orthopedics campaign or reach out to first-time mothers to be by advertising a maternity campaign. People will be able to connect with your brand on a more personal level when your content is relatable and focused.

Be Consistent

For a user to truly connect with your hospital brand on Instagram, consistency is key. Stick to your hospital’s color palette, and identify an Instagram filter that best highlights those hues. The same goes for the pictures that you post  — be sure that your content reflects the mood of your brand.

Reflect your Core Values

To truly create and spread brand awareness for your hospital or health system, it’s important that your Instagram content reflects your organization’s core values. Be respectful of opinions and have a handle on negative comments or reviews. Gain your follower’s trust by keeping them in the loop. Update your posts frequently and relay information about your hospital or health system (e.g. upcoming events, new programs, updated technology systems, renovation plans).

Instagram is a platform that values creativity and storytelling, aspects that are essential to any hospital marketing plan or strategy. Give your hospital or health system the opportunity to take advantage of this tried, and true social media tool before your competition does.

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