30 songs for your next hike through the woods

Get in touch with nature with this awesome Spotify Playlist

We spend so much of our lives helping others, at work, at home, at school etc. sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. One of the best ways to get a little more “me time?” Go for a quiet walk in the woods.  Besides being the perfect solo act, hiking has many health benefits. It is a powerful cardio workout, it works multiple muscles in your body and can even help improve your mood. There’s also beautiful scenery, fresh fragrances, and breathtaking views. You never know what you might discover. A babbling brook? A waterfall? A cute, non-threatening animal?

To accompany you on your next climb up a mountain or stroll through the forest, we came up with a Spotify playlist full of hiking tunes. From soft indie rock and folk music to jazz and country, this playlist is designed to help you get in touch with nature. You may not hear a tree fall, but you will listen to the sounds of our rockin’ playlist.