Potential weakness in your social media policy?

A research study on social media marketing highlights some of the top reasons social media campaigns fail. The study was conducted by Brand Science Institute, a German marketing organization, who recently interviewed 560 marketers representing 52 brands in 12 countries on their knowledge of social media. Their answers point to the challenges of planning and implementing social media campaigns. Here’s a summary of the results.


The top 10 reasons why social media campaigns fail:

  1. 96% of the participants said they did not share their social media experience throughout the company.
  2. 89% of the participants said their companies had no social media guidelines.
  3. 87% had unrealistic expectations at the start of the campaign.
  4. 84% tried to gauge the success of their social media campaigns against standard media measurements.
  5. 81% of companies surveyed lacked a clear social media strategy.
  6. 76% said their legal departments hindered their success.
  7. 76% didn’t understand they had to moderate their social media projects.
  8. 73% of projects had to demonstrate a financial return after 12 months.
  9. 72% thought social media must be viral.
  10. 68% didn’t understand the 90-9-1 principle.

Some important things to think about when defining your organization’s social media policies.

Sources: www.bsi.ag, 5to9branding.com