Ask Mia: Help! I need to justify campaign costs

Client-Agency Relationship Advice for Healthcare Marketers

Dear Mia – I’m a marketing director for a regional medical center. My management team is constantly challenging my budgets. I know I need to report the results of my past marketing campaigns to justify costs and show return on investment, but every time I ask my current agency to provide these reports, I always get the same answer. They say that it can’t be done; that it’s hard to measure things like awareness and brand building. I need some hard data now, Mia. How can I get them to share the numbers? – Signed, Show Me the Money!


Dear Show Me – Honey, nobody likes to be kept in the dark, especially when your budget (or your job) is on the line. Marketing and campaign goals need to be set at the beginning of each project to manage expectations and justify costs. Your agency needs to know what metrics their work will be judged on (based on strategy) and have systems in place to track and report the results. Analytics should be monitored closely during the campaign (with tweaks made to creative and media if necessary) and compared to previous campaign results. If your agency is not meeting your expectations, you need to hold them accountable – or find someone who can prove themselves to you and your organization’s leadership. – Mia

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