13 trends in 1 minute 30 seconds

Smith & Jones just released our 2019 trends package, and Braden is so excited that he thought he’d try to give you a video overview of all 13 trends.

“But I know you’re busy, so I want to do it as quick as possible. That’s why today I’m going to run through all 13 of our top trends in 130 seconds. That gives me 10 seconds for each trend. I don’t know if I’ll succeed, but I thought you’d enjoy watching me try. Ok ready? Start the clock.”

#1 You’ll spend more to improve the patient experience
 Because high HCAHPS make money.

#2 Digital marketing will tick you off
Here’s proof: 21% of marketing leaders planned to reduce their digital budgets in 2018. I think you might, too.

#3 Data-driven insights are hard to find
There’s a skills gap in marketing, and most healthcare providers must outsource to find the insights necessary for effective marketing.

#4 Millennials become customers
Millenials turned 38 this year. That means sore knees and aging hearts. Healthcare marketers, that’s your cue.

#5 Community wellness
Altruism is the name of the game. It’s not just about healthy patients, it’s about healthy communities.

# 6 Behavioral economics
Go read The Undoing Project and call me if it doesn’t change your life.

#7 The Netflix Dilemma
Netflix is where decisions go to die. In the not-so-distant future, making healthcare decisions will be as hard as choosing what to watch.

#8 Bleeding edge tech isn’t worth it yet
Have big plans to invest in artificial intelligence next year? Me neither.

#9 Dr. Google works for you
People get their first opinions from Google. Time to accept it and find ways to win the patient anyway.

#10 Facebook vs. Google
Facebook had a tough year. Time to rethink how much money you spend with them.

#11 Consumers don’t like doctor visits
But they do like newfangled health products. Which do you think they’ll buy next year?

#12 Digital ads will continue to suck

Sorry – don’t have time to talk about this one.

#13 Website traffic is meaningless
Facebook and google are keeping web traffic to themselves. That means it’s time for new KPIs.

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