10 ways to build culture at your hospital or health system

A blog post series on how to create a happier and more productive workforce

There are many moving parts to cultivating a successful hospital or health system: a great patient experience, a fruitful bottom line, a killer marketing strategy and the list goes on. But perhaps the most significant keys to success are happy employees and a thriving company culture. Internal alignment lays the foundation for a superior patient experience – hospitals cannot have one without the other. Achieving great culture at your hospital or health system may seem like a gigantic task, but, if broken down into small, incremental changes, it’s actually quite attainable. A small acknowledgment here or a pat on the back there, and you’re on your way to fostering an unbreakable workforce.

With over 30 years of healthcare marketing experience under our belt, we’ve implemented several culture campaigns for our clients that have led to real change. We created a 10-part blog post series with “plug-and-play” tips to help your organization get started.

Why a series?

Our goal is for hospital marketers to walk away with enough knowledge and tactics to begin creating a better company culture. In this series, we will outline topics such as core values, brand positioning, company culture, benefits, diversity, transparency, etc. There’s a lot to cover, but honestly, we’re just scraping the surface. For a  more in-depth look at healthcare internal alignment best practices, please reach out to one of our experts, we’re happy to help.