Targeted Service Line Campaigns

Many healthcare providers operate on thin margins, so when key service lines don’t meet volume expectations, something must be done. We’ve helped our clients solve problems across many different service lines, but the most common ones are cardiology, cancer, orthopedics and bariatrics.

Our Protocol

When patients choose which health system they want to get care from, they already have preconceived notions about which is best. Even if you’re factually the “best” at something, a person won’t believe it unless it aligns with their established beliefs. Our job is to challenge these preconceived notions by identifying a true organizational idea that a prospective patient can emotionally buy into and would make them want to choose you over a competitor.

First we develop a clear understanding of the demographics, psychographics and behaviors of your community and the target audience, the competitive landscape, where your organization fits in today, and how past marketing has contributed to the current situation. From there we can craft a sound strategy and develop an emotional concept that captures the truth of why someone should choose your services over a competitor.

Three key meetings led by one of our seasoned facilitators assure that you have input and control:

  • 2 hour initial examination,
  • 1 hour check-up to present key research findings, prescribed message, creative treatment and media recommendations, and
  • 30 minute presentation of the completed deliverables for approval before campaign launch.

Your service line leaders and marketing teams are in attendance at all three meetings and have ample opportunity to offer input and feedback at each step.

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