Healthcare Branding & Positioning

Most of our clients come to us when important numbers are trending downward, they’re reading a lot of negative online posts and reviews, or they’re seeing patients in their market choosing competing providers. Branding problems can be tricky and not always obvious. That’s why its essential to deeply understand your situation before proposing a solution.

Our Protocol

Contrary to popular belief, human decision-making is based on emotion rather than logic. FMRI studies of brain function have proven this. That’s why our approach to branding and positioning is designed to uncover what makes your organization meaningfully different, desirable and relevant to your population — so we can create an emotional bond between your brand and the people you serve.

This includes developing a clear understanding of the demographics, psychographics and behaviors of your community, your competitive landscape, where the brand stands today and how past marketing efforts have contributed to the current situation. From there, we can pinpoint a sound branding strategy and develop an emotional branding concept that captures the truth of why someone should choose your brand over your competition.

“They had a very organized approach to this and put a lot of thought into the brand, rather than just throwing ideas out at you. It all made sense with the long term strategy.”

– Jim Connolly, CEO Ellis Medicine

Three key meetings led by one of our seasoned facilitators assure that you have optimum input and control:

  • 4 hour initial examination
  • 2 hour check-up to review research findings, key insights and strategic direction, and
  • 1 hour treatment presentation to review creative and how the brand plays out across multiple media.

Your senior management and marketing teams are in attendance at all three meetings and have ample opportunity to offer input and feedback at each step.

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