Ellis Medicine is sometimes perceived as a third player in comparison to larger medical centers in New York’s Capital Region. In reality, Ellis’ service lines, staff, and facilities are on the same level or better than area academic medical centers. The neurology department is no exception, but Ellis needed help convincing its target audience of that.

Our strategy was to deliver an integrated, multimedia campaign that uses Ellis’ strong brand foundation to show how patients with migraines and back conditions could finally find relief from chronic pain. While the competition advertises its state-of-the-art features and top-notch facilities, we use real patient stories to convey the level of care Ellis Medicine offers its patients.

The integrated campaign features the concept, “Imagine relief from chronic pain,” and stresses the idea that patients don’t have to live with back pain, they can find the support they need at Ellis Medicine. The campaign features real patient stories, such as an active mom who loves to bike, run and go fishing. For 15 years she lived with back pain until the shooting pains prevented her from doing her job and even kept her from walking. That’s when she turned to Ellis Medicine’s Neurosurgery team and found relief there.